Here’s something obvious: If your copy doesn’t get read, it can’t persuade. Therefore it can’t convert. Therefore it doesn’t make money.

Many have tried to help with the problem:

*Gary Halbert talks about “Eye Relief”, for instance.

*Frank Kern has an article on the smart use of subheads.

*Bond Halbert has a full copyediting book with a large portion dedicated to making your copy readable.

That’s all well and good. In fact, Bond’s copyediting book is one of the books I *always* travel with.



I like those tips from the experts. They’re applicable. But I was missing a higher-level framework to incorporate readability into my writing by default.

So I started imagining my prospect on a bus.

Let me explain.

Since you’re a copywriter, you know you should always be writing to a vivid avatar—a well-built character in the storyline of your ad.

And when I imagine my avatar, they’re always on a bus.


Here’s why:

Imagining your avatar in different situations can be super helpful.

“What keeps them awake at night?” will give you insight about struggles you can mirror back to them.

“What do they complain about when they come home?” is another good one.

But what’s missing is that once they’re home, they have time.

In reality, many prospects might be riding a train, in a waiting room or…

…on a bus.


Their busy brain can’t tolerate an overwhelming wall of text.

They skim. And if they can’t skim, they go elsewhere.

When I imagine my prospect on a bus, I do it because a bus is a horrible place to read anything:

*People are talking.
*A stranger might be looking at your phone
*It’s shaky
*Frequent announcements interrupt
*It might smell funny

In short: The prospect has a tough time directing their attention (unless they own noise-cancelling headphones, which is just… heaven… but I digress).

If you capture the attention of somebody on a bus, you’ll capture anybody’s attention…

…as long as your copy speaks to the prospect and converts them.

Have trouble converting prospects for your clients?

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