I just read this quote by Emerson:
„Man is timid and apologetic; he is no longer upright; he dares not say ‚I think, ‚I am‘ but quotes some saint or sage.“
(This is from my all-time favorite essay „self-reliance“)
Let me explain how this applies to your freelancing or marketing.
Many times in marketing, we read headlines like „17 Copy & Paste Headline Formulas“ or „7 Email Templates To Skyrocket Your eCommerce Revenue“.
We get all happy and think the content will catapult us to a beach on the Bahamas, a Margarita in hand and a million in the bank.
Unfortunately, you’ll need to pop off the training wheels at some point. This doesn’t mean learning everything by yourself.
I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for books, conversations with other freelancers and marketers, valuable audios and other knowledge I learned from experts.
What I *am* saying is if you want to get anywhere, you’ll need to tinker with things.
Toy around with implementing your own thoughts, see where that gets ya.
Don’t quote some saint or sage, as Emerson put it. It’s great, almost necessary to build on what’s already there.
But dare to say „I think THIS“ or „I am THAT“.

An example: I didn’t invent the daily blog. I just took the idea from people I’ve learned from like Colin Theriot and Seth Godin.
First, I started reporting on the relevance of news articles for marketing & copywriting every day.
I quickly realized this was fun for me and people liked it, but Facebook’s algo doesn’t like outside links.
So I started sharing my own discoveries, tips, tools and strategies.
Since then, my site traffic multiplied, my Facebook page is gaining likes and I get inquiries of people asking for help with their copy (for money, of course).

The bottom line: Don’t imitate. Take what’s working and apply it to something which works with your unique perspective and gets *you* results.
What matters for you is YOUR outcomes, not what someone else has achieved.
And for that, you’ll have to say „Screw what anyone else is thinking, I’m doing it this way“ at some point.
Or do you want to be a copycat?!