Chances are you’ve tried to change your diet before. Maybe you wanted to gain muscle or lose fat, maybe you wanted to feel better. Whatever the case, you’ve probably realized changing your diet is HARD. 


If you’re like most diet-conscious people, you don’t have trouble keepin’ it healthy when everything’s alright. You have self-interest in being healthy and feeling good about yourself.


But when it gets stressful, you’re with friends or you’re starving—THAT’S when the fries, candy bars and pizza make your mouth water.


Generally speaking, human desire works this way:


The more intense the desire, the lower the quality of options we’re willing to choose.


Maybe you’ve never heard it articulated like this, but you know it instinctively. Think of the common saying „Beggars can’t be choosers“. If somebody is begging for something, we assume they’re willing to take anything.


You could come up with countless examples. 


The more a salesperson needs to meet their quota, the lower they’ll go on price. 

The lower you are on gas, the more you’re willing to pay for it.

And—to tie it back into the opening—the hungrier you are, the shittier the food you’ll eat.


Understanding this is crucial if you want to understand your market.


Are you going to be an expensive gas station candy bar on?

Or a juicy, home-cooked chicken breast with steamed veggies?


Now, food is pretty clear when it comes to good vs. bad options (little ambiguity), markets are more complicated.


You can serve a hungry crowd a great, healthy meal—but you’ll be competing with $1.50 hot dogs and corner store candy bars. 


While good positioning and marketing can let you succeed in situations like the one above, you’ll still have a harder time than if you choose the most effective option: 


*Create* a hungry crowd for what you sell.


Let’s say you run „Larry’s Burger Shop“. 


How much easier would business be if people’s thought process wasn’t „I want a burger, what should I get?“, but „Man, I want some Larry’s“ from the get-go?


You’d sell many more hamburgers. 


Of course, you need to create this desire in people. You need to create a brand. Top of mind awareness. You probably need to spend money. And you need to effectively persuade your audience to think this way. 


If you’d like to know more about how to create this desire in people, I’m creating a training on what I call the „Magnet Model of Marketing“. It’ll be free and show you how to create customers with a burning desire to buy whatever you’re selling. 

If that sounds good to you, get in touch with me and I’ll make sure you get it first.