You’ve probably felt this:

You enjoy doing your freelance work. You have clients. And your clients pay you. But you get paid less than you’re worth.
You watch other freelancers get paid big $$$, but you can’t see how they’re *that* different from you.

Lemme tell you the difference.

I used to be in that spot. For me, a little shift in values meant the difference.

This little shift has made me able to turn tiny gigs into large projects.


I focus on R O I.

My no. 1 priority is getting the client the best ROI possible. When I write copy or do marketing strategy for a client, I want them to make their money back—multiple times over.

Here’s where the magic happens:

Sometimes, a client wants a piece of copy which is NOT the best way to increase his bottom line.

Then, I tell him what to do instead to see maximum returns. Sometimes, this will mean turning down the client.

Sometimes, this will mean turning a $200 gig into a four-figure project.

You can easily do the same: Focus on a value different from maximizing your revenue.

This will allow you to make more and work with better clients—and have happier clients, which leads to more testimonials.

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