Happy New Year my friends.

Do you have resolutions?
Goals for 2018?

Cool, I do too!

But why do we?

It’s weird. Time goes on and there’s no real reason to set goals starting January 1st.

Yet millions of people do it every year.

New year’s resolutions usually revolve around doing something hard:

-making more money
-becoming healthy
-quitting smoking
-losing weight

All of these—and other common resolutions—are *hard*.

As we discussed in the beginning of this post, people *love* making resolutions for January 1st.

And, we just observed, resolutions usually revolve around doing something hard.

Putting two and two together, we get a quirk of the human brain everybody knows:

We like putting off hard things.

I know, this isn’t new to you.

But this gives us as marketers a problem:

We solve problems for our audience—things they perceive as hard to do.

And they like putting those things off.

Do you see the problem here?

People LOVE putting off what we want to help them with.

So what do we need to do?!

We need to agitate problems.
We need time-sensitivity.
We need *urgency*.

It might sound manipulative, and it is.

But if you have a solution people need to have, you should do all you can to get it to people, no?