This video is fun to watch…
…and teaches an you a lesson about effective marketing.
These two guys sneak past guards/security just looking like inspectors.
Your marketing can do something similar to get past the “mental guards” people have when they read ads:
When watching TV, many people switch to a different channel once ads come on.
People *hate* feeling like they’re being manipulated.
Ads manipulate.
This aversion is why people decide not to watch ads.
But if people hate “ads” so much, why are certain ads *so* effective and bring in millions?
The reason is simple:
If it doesn’t feel like manipulation, people will be much more receptive to the message.
Claude Hopkins said: “Remember the people you address are selfish, as we all are. They care nothing about your interests or profit. They seek service for themselves.” in Scientific Advertising.
The best ads make their reader feel like they’re consuming a message all about improving their life. And the best companies actually have improvement in mind for their customers.
Another way of disguising your marketing is through using different media. When the “magalog” first came out, people thought it was a magazine and were eager to read the ads inside.
Disguising through different media, however, is a short-term strategy. Prospects quickly notice when a medium is used to disguise ads.
Packaging your ads as “not ads” IS effective, but loses some of its effectiveness over time. It probably does work better than being obvious about it.
It’s like the two guys in the video. Their method worked. But if everybody started sneaking into places wearing yellow vests, security teams would quickly become aware of it and question people in vests more.
But the vest would still be more effective than wearing plain, every day clothing.
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