When you run copy or hand copy in to your client, you’re probably excited about what it’ll do for you.
If you run your own business, you imagine the revenue it’ll bring in…
As a freelancer, you think of the testimonial you’ll get, the confidence boost you’ll experience…
But then reality hits.
And reality doesn’t hit like a warm summer breeze—reality hits like a destructive tornado.
Your copy has failed. The promo was a bust. Your revenue didn’t increase.
Even worse is the disappointment. The feeling of uselessness when you spot the „obvious“ (hindsight is 20/20) mistakes you made.
While this reaction is natural and hard to control, your next action determines if you learn from it—or not.
You have a choice:
1. You can get discouraged and tell yourself copy doesn’t work or find some other culprit for your disappointment.
2. See the failure for what it is and move on.
You see, when copy fails, the situation tells you one thing:
THIS piece of copy didn’t work on THIS traffic.
From there, you can take all sorts of action…
You can run try the same copy with different traffic.
Hire someone to improve the copy.
Run new copy.
Almost nothing works on the first try. Using copy probably won’t.
Most copywriters and marketers have successful copy because they took the failures and learned from them.
If you start seeing failure as the information it is and use that information to learn and grow, you’ll see more revenue, be able to charge more for your services, potentially save severed client relationships.
Or just keep banging your head against the wall. But don’t expect anything to come of it.