If you’re reading this, you have a general grasp of how copy & marketing works.
You know it’s about emotions and stuff.
But the interesting part is how you *implement* that knowledge of emotions so your emails aren’t boring and don’t sell.
Today, I want to tell you about the intricacies of emotions in email marketing.
While a sales letter is linear and takes a reader from headline to sale, email marketing has its *own* intricacies.
Emails are much shorter than a sales letter.
They’re bite-sized marketing.
And, you haven’t lost your prospect completely when they didn’t buy from one email. On the other hand, if a sales letter fails to make the sale, the prospect is lost.
The key to making email marketing interesting and effective is by speaking to different emotions in a different way in every email.
Even if it’s the same product.
If somebody didn’t buy from one emotional trigger, there’s little to be gained in reinforcing the same emotion yet again.
Want more people to buy? Talk to more different emotions.