If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you know memes.
They’re essentially joke setups available to everyone.
Here’s how memes work (This will make sense in a minute, promise):
Every once in a while, a meme format takes off. Millions of people start using the format.
People use them over and over for likes and comments.
Eventually, the best ideas get exhausted and the format evolves.
Somebody adds more absurdity to it or changes elements in the meme.
Then THAT format gets exhausted.
This happens a few more times until the meme is “dead” and doesn’t really get used anymore.
Why the hell am I telling you this?!
Broadly speaking, this is how markets behave—whether it be memes or products.
There are tons of “me too” products—just like there are “me too” memes, which are more or less all the same.
But what really wins money, followers and popularity are the ones which first tweak something and WIN.
Can you change your market?
Can you tweak something and set yourself apart from all the standard BS happening?
Obviously, this might lead to some failure. You’re always taking risks.
But the payoff can be gigantic and can set you apart forever.
Plus, you won’t be mediocre. But if you were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway.