You read that right. People try to sell you on webinars as the new ATM. They don’t understand webinars are just another marketing tool with a limited lifespan.

You see, there are people making great money who will continue to make great money with webinars. 

Just like there are still companies using catalogs. 

When it came out, the catalog was like the webinar. Your business had to have one. Catalogs converted so well you could send those multiple 100-page monsters to people on your dime and still rake in profits. 

You still see catalogs today. But they’ve become a marketing tool. Nothing magic about them. Similarly, the webinar’s perceived magic will also wear off soon.

Another example of this evolution of marketing. The direct mail sales letter. Read Halbert and you’ll see him tout direct mail as the quickest road to riches. 

(Don’t get me wrong, Gary Halbert was amazing and his teachings are still mind-blowing and should be studied by any serious copywriter.)

But today’s gurus don’t run around telling you you could become a millionaire tomorrow using direct mail. 


Because direct mail has become one of many marketing tools.

These days, webinars are sold as the ultimate super-duper moneymaking lambo-buying cash machine. 

But I guarantee you this: In a few months (years, at the latest), webinars will sit in a marketer’s toolbox like any other marketing tool. Like the catalog and direct mail sales letters.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t make money with webinars anymore. Just like you can still make money with catalogs and direct mail, webinars will stay effective—if you know how to use them. 

You see, any medium will be hyped as the shortcut to millions before finding its proper place in the marketing world.

I don’t know what will come after the webinar. But whatever it is, I can tell you it will go through this process: 

  1. A few people make millions using it
  2. It gets hyped
  3. Every newbie does their own mediocre version
  4. Most fail, get disillusioned and quit
  5. The medium finds its proper place

What’s funny is the hype is usually somewhat justified. Because these new forms of marketing are hyper-effective when they come out. People don’t immediately recognize them as ads. They’ve got what Eugene Schwartz would call „camouflage“. 

But those who make great money have one of two things: 

  1. Luck
  2. Incredible marketing skill

You don’t want to rely on luck (or at least shouldn’t). 

That’s why you need to get great marketing skill in your business—either by acquiring it yourself…

…or by hiring a pro. 

Like me. 

Send me an email at and tell me what you need help with to see if we can make some great things happen for you with converting sales copy and effective marketing strategies.

-Finn Lobsien