A good investor always looks at things in terms of ROI. Essentially, an investor wants to get more value out of something than what he puts in.
An investor generates assets which continually create value for him.
(I’m not an investor, btw, so I’m probably getting the vocab wrong here).
Obvious, eh?
I find it interesting how few freelancers think this way. In fact, I believe not thinking (&acting) this way until now is the biggest thing holding me back.
If you want to have a much easier life, you can build *many* valuable assets for yourself:
*a fanbase on your preferred social network.
*an email list you can reach out to anytime.
*templates to speed up aspects of your work.
*strong SERP rankings.
And many more.
Talk to investors. Read articles and books by investors.
Cultivate the mindset of creating assets vs. doing the same over and over again.
Now, there are thousands of marketers who don’t do anything but talk. Because talking is easy.
We need more people who walk the talk and take their own advice.
That’s why I’m putting the investor’s mindset into practice by building an email list.
This means I *will* fail a few times in the beginning.
It also means I’ll eventually WIN.
You’ll know what works and what doesn’t so you can replicate the results for yourself and not step in the turds I stepped in.
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