I’m volunteering with exchange students over the weekend.

To emphasize things about culture and character, we illustrate with games and fun exercises.

Guiding through the exercises to see lightbulbs going in in the kids’ heads was hard—until I discovered a question which unlocks the desired outcome quickly, every time.

Let me explain.

In the exercises, we illustrate a point using plays, games or similar.

Then we ask questions to achieve the shift in perception we want to create.

Performing mental shifts in other people’s heads is pure persuasion.
Plus, we want to make what we teach memorable.

And people forget what they’re told, but retain what they conclude.

So just telling them the meaning of the game would be a) boring and b) ineffective.

So, what’s this super persuasive question which gets me results every time?

„How did that make you feel?“

From there, it’s a simple „Why did you feel that way?“ And we’re zeroing in on results.

You’re a persuader—You know emotions are what makes people do things.

You know you should mirror your prospect’s experiences.

So you need to combine the two to be effective.

Ask yourself the question:

„How did <experience> make the prospect feel?“.

Then, you have something solid to start with.