Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur or an aspiring freelancer, you know one feeling:

“I’m a fraud”.

We get that feeling the first time we call ourselves an expert on something.

When we land the first three figure gig.
The first four figure gig.

The first time we charge for consulting.

There have been many times where I felt like a fraud and there will be many more.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

Have a look at this article.

The guy in this article literally faked being a fashion designer. He partied with supermodels and got invited to private showings by esteemed designers.

He did it all by not being squeamish.
By ignoring objections to his authenticity.
By just winging it. Going with it.

He had *total* conviction.

He became a world-renowned fashion designer by claiming to be one.

If you’ve been battling the “Fraud Feeling”, this dude should inspire you.

He didn’t care about obstacles, the barrier of entry, or some other objection you might have for not doing what you really want to do.

When’s the point where YOU will go out and claim to be who you really want to be for others?

I’m not saying you should lie about your ability or results or anything. If you claim to be this a-list expert copywriter, but you don’t have any results/testimonials/past clients to show for yourself, you might *actually* be a fraud.

For me, it starts with 2018.

When will you start to hang up your own shingle and show the world who you are and how you can help them?