This link sends you to a video where two guys explain how they make decisions.

Here’s how:

Essentially, they live with each choice for three days and then decide. Much better than just thinking about the choices in theory.

Let’s use that power to make ads more effective.

See: At some point of your ad, people will know they’re being sold something.

Even when your VSL uses the headline “3 ways for XYZ favorable result”, you need to segue into a pitch at some point.

Even if your headline and lead are killer, you can’t sell a thing if you don’t pitch—obviously…

…but there is a problem.

When people realize they’re being persuaded, there’s ALWAYS a guard going up. Even when people have bought from you before, there will be a bit of resistance.

One way to overcome the resistance is using what I call Post Sale Imagery.

Make people imagine the awesome future they’ll live in once they’ve bought your product.

In their head, your product becomes the key to unlocking that future.