Hey friend!

Only two books have ever impacted me so much that I read (okay, listened to) it 5 times. The first one is Scientific Advertising, which is dry as a bone and a marketer’s bible. You learn about the second (life-changing) one today.

First, an embarrassing story.

When I was like 16, I got really into “personal development”. To be honest, I just consumed to all those inspiration and motivation audios. But hey, I felt like they got me doing more crunches which then didn’t build any more abs I couldn’t show to girls (cause I was doing everything else wrong).

Later on, I discovered a blogger whose content I devoured.

His name is Mark Manson.

The book I’ve been through 5 times since December of last year is by him. It’s THAT good. And yes, you should read it too.

Inside, you can learn…

  • Why you should NOT make your goals owning a phat car, a huuuuge house or an expensive watch—even if you want those things. There’s a little mindset “bait and switch” you can make in your head which helps you supercharge your drive for those goals so you can actually reach them (and it’ll make you happier too).


  • The somewhat disappointing life advice you can learn from an alcoholic, womanizing and just all around asshole writer. I had to listen to the passage three times before I “got it”—but once I did, a bunch of external pressures fell off of me like 2008 property values. I was liberated.


  • Why a dude lived in the Asian forest where all his friends died for years—and why his life probably had more purpose than yours (and mine).

And more, obviously.

Book’s called “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK”.

Don’t find it on Amazon. Find it in your bookstore.