Whether you write copy for clients or run your own campaigns (or both), you know this feeling:

When you’re about to send the copy in, start the campaign, you feel a weird mix of nervousness and excitement.

After all, one super-successful piece of copy CAN change your life and make you or your client *rich*.

On the other side, there’s a chance it fails and you’re disappointed.

Those two possibilities exist with any piece of copy ever run.

You see, the stakes are there. Sometimes they’re high, sometimes low. But they exist.

That’s where that weird, pre-launch/pre-delivery anxiety comes from.

It doesn’t go away.

But I’ve found a way to minimize this weird little fear.

Here’s how ya do it:

In your editing phase, you probably read through your copy and adjust when things feel wrong.

If you’re like I used to be, you probably decide at some point that it’s done, ready for delivery. Then you feel that weird nervous excitement, move past it. Hit send. Done.

I added another phase to my copy process.

I need to read through the copy *twice* without feeling there’s anything to be adjusted.

This is ridiculously simple to implement and it takes an hour—tops—to execute.

Since I do this, I feel much better about the copy I send in.

Try it sometime 🙂