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Unfortunately, many freelancers these days charge high prices without having the experience to justify their fees. 

Most just talk—few walk the walk. 

Thanks to Finn’s copy, I saw actual results: Increases in traffic and time spent on my site came quickly. 

In addition, Finn saved me time by implementing the copy into WordPress.

The turnaround was quick and Finn is a self-starter.

I’d love to work with you again! 

Alex Schindler



I’ve read a LOT about copywriting and persuasion. I like to think I know at least a little about writing copy, so I wrote something I thought would work.

I quickly realized it’s hard to see the label from the inside of the bottle. A fresh look from a skilled, unattached person is invaluable. You found ways to improve my copy that I never would have seen.

I liked getting both written and a video responses where you walked me through your thought process and offered examples.

You were quick, efficient and thoughtful. I highly recommend working with you and expect to hire you again.

Charles Woolsey

Amazon bestselling author of "The Reverse Interview"

Before I hired you, I was desperate to find a copywriter who could relate to the needs of the project.

Luckily, you have a unique ability to adapt to the style of the audience and add the exact amount of persuasion needed.

You’re incredibly well-versed in your craft and always open to discuss change suggestions. I like your good availability and you went the extra yard to make the project great.

I’ve already recommended you 2-3 times. The ROI is absolute.

Doug Irvine

Digital Marketing Director,

When working with freelancers, some charge high fees, yet don’t have clear results.

You wrote good copy for my Amazon listings. I liked your clear communication and your professional approach to copywriting.


I would recommend working with you.

Stefan Klein

Founder & CEO, Hey CMD

In the “freelance jungle”, it can be hard to find the right people to work with.
However, I’m very happy about the cooperation with Finn. His input shows me opportunities I hadn’t noticed before.
Finn usually comes up with those new possibilities and takes a proactive initiative. That way, I can focus on essential entrepreneurial activities.

I also like that our communication is always friendly, clear and effective. Our cooperation has always been professional—especially so compared to other freelancers I’ve worked with in the past.

I can recommend Finn to anybody who needs professional help with their copy and marketing. I can not recommend him to entrepreneurs who aren’t open for new ideas and developing concepts together.

I’ve never regretted our work together.


Founder & CEO, Amazon seller

When it comes to copywriting consulting, it’s hard to find someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

You have to be skeptical. With you, I was confident you’d do a great job improving my copy.

You helped me realize the main problem with my sales letter: pain points.You were honest (not brutal), and incredibly genuine about helping my sales letter succeed! You really know a thing or two about copy!!Thanks for going out of your way to send me a prescreening to show me what it was my letter was missing or lacking.

Hell yeah,  I’d recommend you! You definitely lifted the hood and pointed out problems with my headline and premise sections that I’m sure most copywriters don’t even think about!

You make a great copywriting consultant.

Find Josh here

Joshua Copeland

Freelance Copywriter,

The no. 1 result I—as a copywriter myself—saw from working with Finn is how he was able to suggest tweaks and improvements to my copy which made a big difference.

I love that he’s always straight-forward and direct instead of sugarcoating where my copy is lacking. Although it’s not directly business-related, I also like his general friendliness and humor which makes working with him a breeze.

I would recommend Finn to anybody who wants to level up their copy game.

He’s incredible at what he does.

Find Mark on LinkedIn here

Mark Kington


Collaborating with Finn was an enriching experience. Not only because he proved a high degree of efficiency, but he was also willing to transfer me the knowhow regarding the process of creating the copy. I was impressed by his ability to quickly understand the target audience and by the quality of the copy he delivered.


CEO & Founder, Amazon seller

Finn has a crazy attention to detail and can spot the smallest flaw in your copy (must be a german thing). I asked him to check out my VSL which I had already gone over and edited a bunch of times. He sent me back a list of suggestions that instantly made my script more emotionally compelling. Jump on the chance to have him look at your copy.

-Ben Byrne,

“I was always looking for a good copywriter but I was never able to find  one. When I met Finn I was really surprised by his work for his age. I’ve been working with him for half a year now and he does amazing work, I highly recommend him!”

-Marius, Amazon seller

Thank you!

We are very happy with the result 🙂
It was easy communicating  with you on this project.
I hope we can keep in touch and look forward to future collaboration.
-Daiana, Amazon seller

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