I have a very specific morning routine which secures baselines happiness and helps me live a healthier life. The first thing I ever added to the morning routine: An ice-cold shower.
Besides the health benefits, there’s an important switch these ice-cold showers triggered since I started taking them.
Transforming my mindset in this way has helped me deal better with failure and rejection and keep going when things are tough.
(if you want to be a freelancer, this ability is mandatory)
You see, you feel *awesome* when you get out of a cold shower. But while you’re in it, it’s suffering.
But you CHOSE that suffering. You decided you were going to make it through this. YOU turned that shower on ice cold. And you decided to tough it out.
Freelancing is much the same: You take on immense challenges. Many quit in the face of those challenges.
But if you wanna be there a few months/years from now, you’ll have to be able to get through the suffering and persist anyway.
It’s like taking a cold shower. You could get out anytime. You could turn your shower into a warm paradise anytime. The temptation is there.
But you don’t get out. You keep it COLD. Because you know what’s on the other end.
If you can’t treat freelancing like a cold shower, you won’t “make it” (whatever that means to you). Because everything worthwhile comes with struggle.
But then again, you don’t wanna do things that don’t work. I’d like to send you the results of what I do for *my* freelancing via email. That way, you’ll know what works and what’s a waste of your time. You’ll still struggle, but you’ll be better at it.
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