Imagine waking up from a peaceful sleep.
You turn around in bed, looking for your beautiful spouse.
Your heart rate jumps.
You instantly sit up in your bed.
She’s not there!
To add to the weirdness of the situation, you notice unexpected sensations:
The breakfast-y smell of cooked bacon hits your nose.
You can hear a a muted sizzle behind the kitchen door.
Relieved to know she’s there and excited to know you’re getting sizzling Bacon for breakfast, you march towards the kitchen to have a delicious breakfast.
Inside, you see the juicy bacon and you’re excited to enjoy it, slowly savoring each strip.
What an AWESOME morning, right?
The sizzle, the smell, the visuals.
They all made you wish for the bacon even more.
And then, when you get to taste it—HEAVEN!
Selling a product/service is very similar.
First, you need to give your prospects a little bit of sizzle.
Then, a little more.
And more.
Bit by bit, you add more sizzle and make them grasp how awesome your offer will be for them.
And then, when they get the product/service, it’ll be just like they imagined.
Now imagine you get the sizzle, the smell and the visuals—but you couldn’t have *any* bacon.
That’s what customers feel when the offer is disappointing.
And disappointing customers will kill your business if you want to use the most profitable target market (repeat customers).
If you go all in with the sizzle, make sure there’s some juicy-ass bacon at the end of it.
On the other hand, all bacon and no sizzle means you ain’t sellin’ a thing!
A good business has the best bacon and a lotta sizzle.
P.S.: This post is an example of a lil’ bit of initial sizzle, the beginning of a journey.