If you run a pet eCommerce store, you know that the worst problem that online stores have is the following: They don’t make enough money.

Some stores don’t sell anything. Some spend too much on marketing and don’t recoup their spending. Others are already profitable but have potential to make their owner more money.

If your business fits one of these categories, what I tell you in this article could change your life. This might seem like a stretch, but imagine what life would be like if you doubled the sales from your eCommerce store. And if you don’t have any sales, imagine what happens when your business finally takes off.

Of course, I can’t guarantee you those results. But they are possible and they’re not unusual.

What we’ll talk about here is a way to get more sales. Plain and easy. It’s likely you’ll also see increases in conversion, staying time, bounce rate and all that. But what you care about is sales and money in your pocket.

What I’ll tell you is how you can write better copy for your eCommerce pet store. You’ll learn what makes pet owners buy and how to write to make them do so.

You most likely came here from Facebook. If you don’t know me, I’m Finn and you can check my homepage to see what I do.

So, if you want to sell more to pet owners, read along, we’re getting started.

We’ll focus on product descriptions here, but you can easily apply the knowledge to all your copy.

What makes pet owners buy your products like clockwork

To understand what pet owners need to hear to buy your stuff, you first have to understand that there are actually two different desires inside the pet owner audience.

These audiences overlap most of the time. But they require two different approaches when you want to sell them something.

In this part, we’ll go over one group, some other time I’ll release a guide for the other (people who buy things to benefit their pet)

There are the products people buy for themselves. Litter boxes, automatic feeders, odor eliminators and pet clothing fall into that category.

The main benefactor is most certainly the owner. The motivation is to get a benefit for themselves (I’ll tell you what benefits). If you want to sell them products, you’ll have to communicate the benefits they’ll get to create desire for your products.

Makes sense, right?

Alright, now what do pet owners get out of buying pet products that benefit themselves?

I’ve compiled a list of desires that many pet owners have. This is not an exhaustive list and some products might serve different desires. But it covers most of the benefits people get out of those products.

Some reasons pet owners buy

  • A clean house/car
  • No/less bad smells
  • Making the pet more obedient
  • Having something pleasant to look at
  • Having less hassle with the pet
  • Less fur on couch/floor/etc.
  • More safety for themselves and others
  • Keep the pet off the couch/bed/etc.
  • Restrict the pet from going to some place where it would cause problems
  • companionship
  • fun

(in addition to this, you should read this article to learn more about buying decisions. Bonus points if you can map your product’s benefits to one of these primal desires.)

I bet you can find at least one common product for every reason.

Now you can take your products and match them to one or more of those desires.

Perfect. You’re done with part 1.

Let’s figure out how to communicate this benefit you’ve picked out.

The simplest recipe to create pet product copy that sells

Make a list of as many facts about your product as you can come up with (seriously, do this. The rest of this article is based on this).

Take the buying reason you chose and figure out what fact is the reason that the product will bring the pet owner this benefit.

People buy benefits, not facts. This is the most important thing any copywriter learns.
An example: A cat owner doesn’t buy a litter box, he buys a house that doesn’t have cat poop all over it. Get it?

Either one doesn’t work without the other in a product description.

Benefits alone won’t sell much better than facts alone.

If I tell you that your house will always be free of cat poop, you’re not as impressed.

There’s nothing about the product there.

Let’s make some magic happen now

Let’s connect a fact (it’s a litter box) and the corresponding benefit (not having to care about having cat poop in your house) in a sentence.

“This litter box ensures that cats do their business in just one place and relieve you of the worry of finding cat poop all over your house.”

That’s copy.

Make a couple of these for the main benefits of your product and you can start making MUCH more money with your eCommerce store.

Was that hard? No. Will it make you more money than any list of 4 meaningless facts? Yes.

The biggest part of this is research. But thanks to my handy list, you can write good product descriptions in minutes.

Let’s draw a conclusion here

How to write copy to sell to pet owners in 3 easy steps:

  1. Make a list of facts about your product
  2. Pick benefits and match them to your facts
  3. Connect the two in a sentence and make it sound nice


Create the copy that way and watch how you sell more. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Of course, there’s much more that goes into creating great copy for eCommerce stores and practice makes perfect. If you want to get REALLY good at selling with words, you have to learn more about it and write a lot.

Or you could hire somebody who is an expert, does all the work FOR you and gives you a free, personal consultation to figure out if he can help you if you just pick a time here like me.

Whatever way you choose, you have to care about your copy. It’s what sells stuff in your eCommerce store.

Otherwise you can join those that never put any effort or money towards copy and desperately look for the solution to their problems in expensive online courses.