I’m writing to you from Groningen, The Netherlands. And on a stroll by some historic red brick houses, a peculiar-looking house stood out. Frankly, many houses here are old, but this one looked oddly decorated. Curious me had a look. 

Turns out the house is a freemason lodge. Now-more-curious me stopped and wondered.

What do they do at their ceremonies?

What goes on behind those doors?

What do they talk about?

To be honest, the rational part of my brain knows being a free mason is probably like the cool kids club from middle school for old dudes. But the other part of my brain can’t stop thinking about it. 

Let’s be real:

What they do is probably a tiny bit more interesting than what goes on in an ordinary church. 

But everyone can go to church. 

Not everyone can waltz into their local free mason lodge, proclaim their interest and walk home with a few brochures, flyers and stickers for the kids. 

They’re secretive.

If you’re a marketer, entrepreneur or salesman, you’ve probably seen books, courses, cassettes or smoke signs telling you about the secrets of <insert topic here>. 

Considering the fact that secrets become non-secrets as soon as they’re printed at a book I can get on Amazon for $5, I think we can agree whatever is in these books isn’t that secret.

But here’s the thing: Just off the top of my head, I could tell you 4 successful books which promise to tell you secrets.

There’s good reason for it: The secrets angle works.

From me being curious about the free masons books to the title of this post, humans love knowing what they’re not supposed to know.

Newsflash: People talk about you when you’re not there. 

Don’t you have a weird curiosity for what they say—even if it won’t affect how you see yourself?

I sure do. And I bet you do too.

But it’ll forever be a secret. Unless you start the awkward conversation of „so, what to they talk about when they talk about me?“. 

Now that we’ve established that people are attracted to secrets, let’s tie this into your business.

And since people pay for what they want—they’ll pay you for your secrets, too. Except when they don’t.

And they don’t pay for your secrets when: 

  1. You give everything away for free (i.e. are not secretive enough)
  2. You have no authority
  3. Nobody’s listening (duh)

But when you’ve fulfilled all those three, try the secret angle sometime (provided it fits your brand). 

On the other hand, if you still need to work on those things, send me an email at kontakt@finnlobsien.de and let’s see if we can work on it together.

-Finn Lobsien