When you pan for gold, you can sit by the river for days on end, hoping to painstakingly pick a shiny gold nugget out of a slew of worthless rocks. These days, only a few still sit by the Colorado river combing through pan of gravel after pan of gravel to find a nugget.

While panning for gold is mostly a novelty thing today, we can still learn something from it. Most marketers today miss a central fact the opportunists by the river knew back in the 1800s: 

You won’t find gold nuggets in an empty pan.

And: The more often you dig your pan in the dirt, the more likely you are to feel rewarded when you finally spot a nugget.

If you’re in marketing, think of your mind as the tin pan you’ll find gold nuggets in—and think of your ideas and skills as the rocks you get. If a gold-panner has less rocks than the person next to her, she’s less likely to hit the jackpot. And if a marketer doesn’t have a lot of ideas and skills, he’s less likely to create a breakout marketing campaign.

So fill your „pan“ with ideas and build the understanding of marketing you need and do things to get more ideas. You could do this using a hundred different methods, but here’s five: 

  • Learn from seasoned experts by reading their books and taking their courses. 
  • Get together a few business buddies and talk shop frequently. 
  • Test something new and see the response. 
  • Start a new sport.
  • Go on a walk.

Now, if your life is already busy and your business is going fine, but you’d love to make more money without adding extra workload to your table, talk to me for a free marketing consultation. 

In your free consultation, we’ll go over your marketing and which strategic elements could help you take your business to the next level. You know I’m a marketer and copywriter, so I’ll offer to help for a fee afterwards, but you can jot down your ideas and run with them, too. 

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-Finn Lobsien