Let me tell you a secret.

We can read minds—Both of us.

You might be surprised, but there’s one situation which allows me to read minds every time.

It might sound a little woo-woo to you. Or maybe you’re super-curious to learn how to read minds.

It’s really possible.

All you have to do to read minds is hate somebody and do one more thing.

I’ll be honest,. You might not *actually* be able to read minds, but you’ll feel like it.

Good enough, eh?

So what’s that one thing you need to do once you hate somebody?

You need to run out of arguments.

Bit of a disappointing answer, huh?

Well, let me give you an example.

I used to *hate* internet marketer Tai Lopez. HATED him.

For some reason, something felt „off“ about him.

I didn’t like his vibes.

But I couldn’t „make a case“ against him.

After all, he gives away tons of value and has amazing testimonials on his products.

Yet I was CERTAIN he was only in it for the money and didn’t give a shit about the people he was supposedly helping.

I was convinced—despite any evidence for it.

See that?

I totally read his mind there. I became certain of his intentions without ever meeting the guy.

And it’s not just me getting these mind-reading abilities once hate runs out of arguments.

It’s everybody.

Like Trump haters who were convinced the only reason anybody voted for Trump was racism.

Or Hillary haters who would trace back her every word to corporate greed.

Let me repeat: Once hate runs out of arguments, we assume intentions.

That’s how mind reading works.

You might be right every once in a while.

But it’ll be incredibly hard to guess anybody’s intentions 100% right.

Everybody assumes intentions—including the readers or watchers of your ad.

So you must be honest about your intentions—or at least appear to be.

Today’s audiences are too sophisticated to believe your „mission statement“.

Having clear values and being honest about them stands out and helps you avoid people interpreting malicious intentions into your behavior.


P.S.: I’m not talking exact science here. If you find a scientist or a more credible source, believe them instead of me. I’m just talking about my observations 🙂