I know the most burning question on your mind right now: 


Glad you asked. I’m wearing my new headphones and nothing else (kidding).

Yesterday, I bought the finest pair of headphones I’ve ever owned: Bose QuietComfort 35 II. They’re marvelous: Crystal-clear sound lets Hendrix ferocious riffs roar in my ear.

Even better, these babies have some of the best active noise-canceling technology in the world. Flipping it on almost turns a busy train station into a silent meditation retreat.

The crystal-clear sound and elimination of most outside noise turn Dylan’s „Talkin’ New York“ from a great song into a stroll in Greenwich Village. 

Anyways, Bose didn’t hire me to write an ad for them, so let’s not give them anymore before they pay, hehe. 

What I want to tell you about is why noise-canceling is super-important in copywriting. Yeah, it sounds a little goofy, but when you noise-cancel, you can virtually eliminate your competition in your prospect’s head—the only place which matters.

You see, noise-canceling doesn’t magically eliminate noise, cause that’s like, physically impossible. Similarly, you can’t magically make your competition disappear—unless you’re in construction and own a wrecking ball.

Instead, noise-canceling technology actually generates noise. What follows is an exquisite exhibition of my impressively superficial half-knowledge of physics, but you’re here to learn about marketing, so bear with me.

As you might know, sound can be displayed as waves on a diagram. And in any diagram, there are opposites:

Say you have a net worth of $7B. 

The opposite is $7B in debt.

Similarly, there’s an opposite to any sound wave picked up by my headphones. And my headphones create the exact opposite wave of what they picked up—making me not hear the noise somehow.

You might’ve noticed I actually have no sliver of a clue of how this technology works except for these two first-results-on-Google facts I just told you—but let’s get to the marketing part. 

Because marketing is similar. There’s always noise. Things happen around you. Competitors come out with new offers, prices fluctuate and marketing campaigns come and go like fireworks on new years’ eve. 

Yet, you need to stand out. You need to keep your unique position and occupy headspace to attract customers. 

You can do so by producing an opposing „noise“ to cancel out what’s happening in your market. I’m not saying you should become a contrarian (although you could)—what I AM saying is you need to become so distinct your customers don’t care about the noise. 

No matter what happens, the sound wave you produce needs to be the answer in your prospect’s mind.

If you’re this good at marketing…

…when a new product takes the market by storm, your prospects will wait until you release something in that category. 

…when everyone’s doing discounts, your customers will keep buying. 

…and when everyone else is cheaper, your fans will stay loyal. 

That’s what we call competitive advantage, baby!

If you think marketing communication which stands out, entertains and persuades might be the key to helping you achieve this, send me a quick email at kontakt@finnlobsien.de and let me know how I can help.

-Finn Lobsien