This post teaches you how to avoid running spammy marketing and how to make your marketing claims believable.
In copywriting, one of the first things any copywriter learns (or should learn) is that benefits sell, while facts don’t.
You probably already know this.
To give you an example, this concept means “fits in any backpack” sells better than “3.78” long”.
With this, I wholeheartedly agree.
With the whole “Benefits are better than facts” idea…
…I disagree—sort of.
Here’s why:
Imagine you saw an ad telling you “No matter where you are today, pay me $20.000 and you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow.”
What would you do?
You’d call BS.
They told you a massive benefit: “you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow”.
If benefits sell so well, why didn’t you JUMP on that opportunity?
Because you don’t trust the person running that ad.
That’s where facts come in.
When you have a benefit, you need to back it up with some form of proof.
There are *way* too many forms of proof for me to go over right now—but generally speaking, you should connect each benefit with a fact.
Don’t believe it?
What would make you buy more:
*Comes with unlimited coaching to hold you accountable and make sure you implement what you learned.
*The course that holds you accountable and makes sure you implement what you learned.
So: Benefits sell better than facts, but facts back up the benefits.
Either way, this IS a simple version of a complicated topic called “proof”.
However, if you’ve never dived into it before, it’ll help you make your marketing more believable without costing you dozens of hours.
I’ll repeat it again: Benefits sell better than facts, but facts back up the benefits.
Hope this helps you as an easy heuristic for better, believable copy.