You know becoming effective at marketing and copywriting is harder than you were told/sold.
When you first get hooked, they tell you you can “make it” in 90 days (even if it took them 10 years…).

Today, I won’t deceive you by telling you you’ll be rich in the next two months or that you’ll be the next Gary Halbert tomorrow.
Instead, I want to help you improve faster than you would’ve if you had NOT read this post. So let’s dive into it.
Many marketer’s natural instinct is to learn from the best marketers—dead and alive. It seems intuitive: Learn from those that already have (or had) what you want.

Is it a good strategy?

Yes and no.

Yes, because you’ll pick up some of the skills, beliefs and principles which helped those experts become rich and powerful. But as I see it, too many courses, (e)Books and webinars etc. teach you how to use a tool instead of equipping you with a toolbox.

The toolbox you need is the persuasion toolbox. Learning the big concepts will teach you know what technique/tool to use and when. And THAT’s where you become valuable. Many can write some email copy—not many can tell you what marketing tool makes sense for you and what kind of implementation—making this leap is where you raise your fees. Big time.

Speaking of big picture stuff:

I have a simple two-part framework I use to gain clarity in marketing. It’s been instrumental to going from „I’m a copywriter, whaddaya need?“ To „What’s your goal? Let’s accomplish that“, which multiplied my fees.

Since I want to do more video, I’m considering revealing the framework on a video. Would that be interesting to you?

Comment „yes“ or „no“ to let me know.