A few years ago, I was with my parents when they had family friends over. They brought their daughters, and while one of the girls was in full-on college planning, the other was about to enter high school. 

At some point, my mom asked her what she wants to be when she grows up.

„A writer“, she said, which made my eyes light up. 

Somebody else got curious and asked whether she was already writing and if we could read anything she’d written.

Suddenly, her facial expression morphed into a weird look of disappointment. „No“, she muttered, „you have to be taught how to write first.“

Now, you tell me, what does a writer do? 

He or she writes. 

That’s it. 

Now, writing well is something NOT anyone can do. But who’s great at the start? 

No one. 

You see, once you start putting words on a page, you’re a writer. You DON’T need to read Campbell’s „Hero With A Thousand Faces“ to become a writer. Or get sucked into a Stephen King novel. Or pretend you actually like reading plays from the 1700s. 

At that point in time, I didn’t say anything and just let the conversation get carried away. Unfortunately. 

That’s why I’m writing this article today—to broadcast the message I should’ve given the girl when I had the chance to.

You see…

Maybe you’re here to become a better copywriter.

Maybe you’re here because you think about hiring me to write your copy.
Maybe you’re just reading this to not do what you know you should do.

Whatever the case, you’re here to learn about copywriting. 

And copywriting is writing. 

Once you write copy, you’re a copywriter. Ta-Da!

Now, before I tell you to go out and do great things, a caveat:

Copy can substantially impact a business. Both positively and negatively. 

So when you know you’re not that good (yet), write copy for yourself until it converts. 

Or find ways where bad copy can’t ruin the business.

But write copy—and you’re a copywriter. 

It’s simple. 

So now, open a Google Doc, Word Doc or empty a ballpoint pen on your arm, I really don’t care. But if you wanna be a writer, write.

-Finn Lobsien