Glancing at the headline, this article is just celebrity buzz.
And the article itself *is* just celebrity buzz—but look at it from a marketing perspective.

There’s some valuable lessons here which you can apply to make more money from an audience without increasing its size.

Here’s the scoop and why it’s valuable to us:

Taylor Swift isn’t releasing her newest album to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Instead, you need to buy the album for its full price.

It IS coming to these services later on, though.

Contradicting values & ethics? Possibly.
Shoveling more money into her bank account? Definitely.

Here’s why:

With this strategy, TS separates her fans into tiers.

The “real fans” who can’t wait will buy her album as soon as it comes out and be all over her newest music.

Those who just like her music wait until it’s on Spotify.

This way, the tiers self-select: Those who can’t wait give her extra money. Those who CAN wait make her just as much money as she would’ve made from them before.

Similarly, you can launch a product to different lists at different times:

Launch to your best customers first, then your second best list, then your leads etc.

And offer them descending levels of value.

The best list might get extra bonuses, a larger discount or a head start (b/c they get it first), then those bonuses decrease as the value of your lists goes downwards.

For each list, emphasize how exclusive the offer is to them, which draws them even closer to you.

Bonus tactic: If you market that way, you could also send something like “I made THIS offer to buyers of x, want offers like that? Buy x now!” (worded better).

Hope you found this helpful,


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