Here’s the story of a ballsy business owner you’ve probably never heard of.
Paul Van Doren, founder of Vans (the shoe company) was wild.
After working in shoe manufacturing for decades, he was pissed at retail markups—so he started a shoe business which would sell directly from factory to customer (I already love the guy).
First, he stood outside a shoe factory and sold shoes he didn’t have—he’d make them to order.
Weeks later, he had a real Vans store. And another. And another. A few months in, he had TEN.
But business ain’t easy, especially in the beginning. Vans was no exception.
In a revealing conversation, Paul’s accountant told him:
“Look, 60% of your stores aren’t making money… they’re losing you money.”
Being the maverick he is, Van Doren didn’t close down his stores.
Instead, he delivered a response which must’ve sent his accountant gasping for air.
“Then I need 10 more losers.”.
What a baller. Vans opened 20 stores in the first 6 months in business to get volume up and costs down.
And it worked out: Vans’ revenue is in the b-b-b-billions.
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