Oheya, I'm Finn, and...

I'm an alcoholic. Kidding, I work in marketing, but same thing, eh? I love marketing that inspires action, but got fed up with salesy ads selling scammy products. That's why I decided to write sales copy which entertains AND sells. I already love you, tell me more!

Here’s who I am

I’m Finn, and I’m a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist with terrible humor. 

When I first started in marketing, I realized there were two types of ads I HATED:

  • Gimmicky, ineffective “pun on a billboard” advertising
  • Hardcore, salesy advertising which made money, but also made you want to take a shower.

One day, I wrote a hilarious ad for myself (Mojitos may have been involved) which pulled massively That day, I realized me where I fit in the marketing world.

Today, I write copy which entertains AND sells (and is sometimes somewhat funny).

Recent Updates

How Content Works

No matter what business you’re in, you know about content. Whether it’s your favorite business guru, blog articles like this or your marketing agency’s invoice, you’ve been around content.  Maybe you think content means blog posts. You’d be right.  Maybe you think...

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Falafels

  November 2017, a cold day in Budapest. After a long night out, I decide to start the day with lunch at my favorite falafel place. After ordering two sandwiches, I’m excited to fill my empty stomach… …but my stomach itself wasn’t all that excited.  After...

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