Welcome. I'm Finn.

...I love marketing that inspires action, but was quickly fed up with slimy marketing and scammy products—So I started writing converting copy for genuine business owners. Learn More!

Here’s who I am

I’m Finn and I’m a copywriter.

Ever since I was 14 I was fascinated with marketing.

I observed marketing and I realized most ads didn’t “click” with me. They didn’t speak to me, didn’t make me buy. Some were cringy attempts at humor, others weren’t even directed at me.

So I dove in and spent thousands on courses, books and trainings. I started writing copy. Some of it increased sales, traffic AND conversion overnight. Other copy…. not so good.

Today I help business owners convert prospects into customers through copy to add to their bottom line.

Recent Updates

Get Turned Down To Land More Clients

Yesterday, I wrote about rejection. You might think rejection is a bad thing. If you think that way, you probably think way too much about every rejection. Your brain can't stop coming up with things you woulda coulda shoulda said. Maybe an idea hits you under the...

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The book I “read” 5 times since December

Hey friend! Only two books have ever impacted me so much that I read (okay, listened to) it 5 times. The first one is Scientific Advertising, which is dry as a bone and a marketer's bible. You learn about the second (life-changing) one today. First, an embarrassing...

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