Oheya, I'm Finn, and...

I'm an alcoholic. Kidding, I work in marketing, but same thing, eh? I love marketing that inspires action, but got fed up with salesy ads selling scammy products. That's why I decided to write sales copy which entertains AND sells. I already love you, tell me more!

Here’s who I am

I’m Finn, and I’m a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist with terrible humor.

When I first started in marketing, I realized there were two types of ads I HATED:

  • Gimmicky, ineffective “pun on a billboard” advertising
  • Hardcore, salesy advertising which made money, but also made you want to take a shower.

One day, I wrote a hilarious ad for myself (Mojitos may have been involved) which pulled massively That day, I realized me where I fit in the marketing world.

Today, I write copy which entertains AND sells (and is sometimes somewhat funny).

Recent Updates

Nobody says anything new about marketing

I’ve recently been listening to and reading a lot of Seth Godin. I love the way he does effective direct marketing without any “make $43,994 tomorrow” or “retired management guru reveals…” hype. To be completely honest, not much new stuff is being said about...

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Panning For Gold In The River Of Ideas

When you pan for gold, you can sit by the river for days on end, hoping to painstakingly pick a shiny gold nugget out of a slew of worthless rocks. These days, only a few still sit by the Colorado river combing through pan of gravel after pan of gravel to find a...

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Why Marketing Matters

If you’ve ever talked to anyone in the startup world, you know „build it and they’ll come“ is a popular mindset.  They’ll tell you „we don’t really do marketing“. You can find similar mindsets in the non-profit space, B2B sales and other industries.  Frankly, you...

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