I’m back home with my parents for the holidays.
Yesterday, I sat in my mom’s car, she was driving.

I obviously love her to pieces, but in the car, my mom has this habit that drives me *nuts*:

When she’s the slightest bit cold, she cranks up the heat in her car to the absolute MAX like we’re driving through ice deserts in Antartica.

Quickly, the car feels like we’re firing up an industrial furnace in the backseat.

When it gets too hot, there can only be one response, right?

Exactly, let’s set the AC to arctic blizzard!

And the cycle starts over.

To anybody who doesn’t play the sauna-ice bath-sauna game in their car, this is hell.

It’s obvious the appropriate response for when you’re cold is setting the AC to a reasonable level of warm.

When you’re cold, you don’t want a sauna, you want a nice cup of tea in a heated room.


Why am I telling you this?

If your marketing strategy is like a sauna for people who feel cold, you’ll have a hard time selling your things.

In other words: To sell anything expensive, you’ll need to do a great job of warming your audience up with all your stuff.

Webinars can do this. So can creating content. So can a well-constructed sales funnel.

In other words, you need to warm your traffic up gradually. Don’t put your high-ticket offer in front of people before they know you, are sold on your ideas and all that stuff.

You might need to sell them something else before (which makes you some dolares too..)—But you might not need to do so.

It all comes down to strategy.

THEN they can go to the sauna. THEN you can crank the AC all the way up.

THEN they’ll give you thousands.

There’s plenty of strategies to do this, and it really comes down to preference and execution.

If you want to start out 2018 with a strong marketing strategy and converting copy email me now at kontakt@finnlobsien.de and let’s see if we’re a fit.


Picture credit: Teddy Kelley, Unsplash.com