Yesterday, I wrote about rejection. You might think rejection is a bad thing.

If you think that way, you probably think way too much about every rejection.

Your brain can’t stop coming up with things you woulda coulda shoulda said. Maybe an idea hits you under the shower.

THE idea.

You suddenly know what totally would’ve let you land that client.

But it’s over and you’re in a new situation.

The key to “fixing” rejection lies in your mindset. And the email I sent to my list today detailed what to do.

In today’s email, I revealed:

*Why rejection is good for you—this liberating approach to rejection has been taught by high-level dating coaches forevurrr and can make you advance with every rejection instead of feeling beaten.

*Why you shouldn’t use sales techniques to coerce a yes out of a lead (this is a giant difference between a service business and retail).

*A good ol’ love story from ya boi Finn.

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-Finn Lobsien