Do you know how it feels like to catch fish, cook it and serve it to your family? It feels great.
This special satisfaction is something we don’t feel often in today’s modern world. A pleasure so ingrained in us that it’s impossible to suppress it.
It’s primal.
Now imagine failing.
What If you went fishing and you returned with nothing?
This will give you another feeling. A primal disappointment of returning with absolutely nothing.
The caveman inside you feels like he’s let down the tribe and everybody will starve to death.
Wouldn’t you want to always catch delicious, fat fish to feed your entire family?
I’ll tell you the two things you need to *always*catch those fish which turn you into a hero for your tribe.
It’s straightforward and you might find yourself thinking „I coulda told ya that!“.
Bear with me, this will all make sense in a second (and tell you how to stop working with low-level clients/eliminating grumpy, annoying customers).
The two things you need are:
1. Good fishing equipment. Without the right equipment, you might not get bites at all. And if you do, you probably won’t be able to reel any fish in.
2. A lake where you can find the fish which feed a family.
In this way, fishing is eerily similar to gaining clients or customers.
You WILL need a system or a process to get people to pay attention to you and you will need to sell them on whatever you offer.
There’s no way around it. But before you do any of that, you need to get in front of the right people.
For this post, I’ll assume you’re already goodat the whole „reeling them in“ thing and have at least a basic understanding of sales and marketing.
Unfortunately, many service providers and business owners have high-end fishing rods with fish finders and everything—while they throw their bait in a metaphorical puddle of feces.
Then they get no bites and act all surprised.
You need to find a lake with good fish—just like you need to find a pool of potential customers/clients who pay what your product/service is worth.
There are three main variables here:
First, those fish need to be in decent supply. At least enough for you to make a living. You could fish for some ancient super-whale that doesn’t exist anymore, which will leave your tribe starving and you client-less.
Second, that pool of potential customers needs to have the money necessary to pay you what you’re worth. Maybe a tiny pond isn’t big enough for you and you need to move up a league.
Third, you’ll need to be good enough to reel them in. Sometimes, you’re just not ready to play in the big leagues—which doesn’t mean you can’t get there.
Which lake are you fishing in right now?
Perhaps it’s time to move.
I’m in the process of doing so.