When you’re in marketing, you hear all sorts of different metrics that try to measure the “success” of an ad campaign.
“Brand Awareness”, an ad agency manager might say.
“Content is king!”, the SEO expert adds.
“Conversion”, a grumpy direct-response marketer yells out, visibly annoyed.
Well, I think all those can be great metrics, depending on what you would like to achieve (especially conversion).
I’d argue there’s another metric.
This metric supersedes all the other ones. If this metric isn’t good, the highest conversion rate and a novel worth of content won’t help you.
I’m talking about R O I.
You see, it doesn’t matter how well your copy converts or how your UX design guides customers—if you’re making a loss.
Obviously, there are intricacies with this, such as loss leaders and some types of long, corporate type advertising.
However, even in those types of marketing, your focus *should* be on ROI.
Whether it’s for your own business or for a client—a good ROI beats anything else.
All the time.