As the headline of this article states: The president of the U.S. has announced being busy—only to hop on a motorcade to the closest Trump golf course.
Some of you will think “It’s Trump, what do you expect?” or worse.
Some of you will call it a witch hunt created by the MSM.
But I don’t care about your political opinion (and don’t comment it or I will curse you to stub your little toe *daily*).
I care about are the implications for marketers and persuaders.
Here’s two I found:

1. Walk the talk (or appear to do so).

We’ve all seen terrible VSLs, ads, email campaigns etc. by people who were obviously bullshitting and haven’t made a penny on the internet before becoming a guru.
This is a *very* short-term strategy.
Because as soon as people find out they don’t actually do all the cool stuff they said they achieved (or that they actually went golfing), their reputation is damaged, even ruined.

2. Don’t hide

The article states how the press was “stowed away” in some building where they couldn’t spot the president.
Did he go golfing? Who knows.
But what’s important is the message this hiding sends:
“I’m afraid of your judgment!”
If you want anybody to listen to what you say (and if nobody listens, you ain’t making money), you can’t fear opinions—which include backlash and hate.
You can even leverage your haters.
But hiding from opinions disconnects you from reality.
Obviously, Trump is in a different position than you and I are, so many other variables are at play here.
But still, if you want anybody to listen, walk the talk and don’t hide.
(and I’ll say it again: I don’t care about your political opinion, don’t comment it)