This article highlights the importance of specificity in your copy/marketing/persuasion (I read it half-asleep so some details might be wrong).

The author wants to run a half-marathon.

She gets in shape, but then gives up over the winter and goes back to running 5Ks.

But then she stumbles upon something which *seems* to be the way to fix her performance problems:

Fitness diet recommendations based on her very own DNA. It doesn’t get much better than this!

$300 later, she sends in her saliva sample, gets back the results…

…and gets mostly generic diet advice based on junk science.

Now, what does this have to do with *your* marketing/business?


The author of this article mostly bought because it would be the perfect solution for *her*—not for anyone else.

Make your prospect feel like what you offer them is made exactly for them.

Dig up their specific problems.

Find out what their goals are.

Tell *their* story.

They’ll feel like what you’ve made is just for them—just the way the author of this article felt when she heard that she could get get a custom-tailored diet based on her DNA.

It turned out to be Bullshit.

I’m not telling you you should use this to sell bullshit. I wouldn’t, but it’s possible.

Your call.

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