… is what I imagine the author of this ad might reply after getting a reluctant response to this newspaper ad I just read.

To give you some background:

I was just looking for newspaper advertisers to contact as a lead gen method, when I stumbled upon the weird section.

Yeah, the dating section.

I imagine the newspaper dating ad industry is dying, but it can be entertaining nonetheless.


I was reading this newspaper circulated in northern Germany…

…and some dude inserted this dating ad saying “39-year old man, living in Alberta, Canada—I want you to move to Alberta, kids are no problem.”

And then, the ad was over.

Yeah, that probably ain’t happenin’, my friend.

I might be wrong (and I hope so, I don’t get anything out of him being lonely), but that’s probably a bit of a large commitment to make from two lines in a newspaper.

There’s a reason most funnels begin with a free or low-cost offer.

Commitment needs to escalate gradually.