Yesterday, I went to the bookstore to get work done. Being a book worm, I couldn’t leave without buying a book.
I decided on Seneca’s “On The Happy Life” (De Vita Beata).
While I didn’t buy the book for business advice, I found a wealth of money-making wisdom in there.
I want to share one piece with you.
Let me paraphrase.
“Humans are not like lions, whose power is limited by a cage. Human impact is often greatest in a limited space.”
See, I’m a copywriter—that’s a fairly confined space to operate in. I *could* have greater impact by focusing on a type of copy or type of client. And I’m working on that.
But there are many freelancers who try to do *everything*. They’ll do web design, manage your PPC campaigns, help you with SEO and create your new logo.
But if I need a website, I’ll hit up a web designer.
For a logo, I’ll find a logo designer.
And… you get the deal.
I know there’s a discussion to be had here and many disagree and hate specialization.
There’s something to be said against specialization. But that’s for another post.