As I write this, I’m on my way to talk to a lead for a large project—in person.
It’s my second time meeting a lead face-to-face.
Honestly: I’m nervous.
The nervousness is familiar. When I first started writing for money (I was a content slave back then), I’d only talk to leads in FB messages and emails. My heart beat like a double bass drum when a lead wanted to talk to me on the phone.
This is just a phone call—and I felt like a 16-year old asking a girl on a prom date.
I got the gig, but get this:
Today, only talking to clients/leads in writing is something I *hate*.
If at all possible, I want to talk to clients on the phone—for bigger clients, I don’t do without a call.
If you think my point is that you should meet leads in person, you’re wrong.
Your takeaway here should be that the burrito is buried beyond the nervousness and anxiety.
When you say „F*ck it“ and do the thing you’re scared of, that’s where the magic happens.
Or the catastrophic failure… (but those help you grow)
Or stay in your safe space—your comfort zone—and never get different results.
I’m all about action.
And here, you could have a way to start taking action and committing to improvement.
But you’re reading this here—and when I help you one-on-one, I want a real relationship with you.
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(Do I win a prize for the longest anchor text?)