You might know the feeling of being stuck in business. Maybe you’re making less money than you’d like to. Or you work too much and never see your wife. Or you just hate the type of work you do.
Whatever it is, feeling stuck *sucks*.
The vicious thing about feeling stuck is that you don’t see a way forward. You don’t know how to reach your goals.
Or, even worse: You don’t have goals.
Lemme help ya with that. This post will tell you how to get unstuck and reveal a simple formula you can memorize for whenever you feel stuck.
Let’s get into it.
A few years ago, I listened to a podcast with two scientists. One of them was philosopher and quantum physicist David Deutsch.
Naturally, I didn’t understand half of what he was saying, but one thing he said I’ll never forget:
“You can make anything you can imagine a reality, as long as you have the right tools and the right knowledge.”
(I’m probably misquoting him, but I’m making a point here, not writing a paper.)
Let’s dissect that to get you unstuck.
First, imagine what you want. The beautiful thing about imagination is that it’s not like goal-setting where your brain immediately goes “Nah, that’s unrealistic, bro”.
Imagine what you want.
Second, you need tools. And since what you imagine most likely has to do with marketing, you have all the tools you need (like FB ads, AdWords, YT, etc.) or can get them cheaply (ActiveCampaign can be like $100 a year).
Cross tools off the list.
Now you just need the knowledge. And, lucky for you, there’s a 99% chance someone has already made your imagination their reality.
In many cases, you can learn from them directly. In most, you can at least learn from who they learned from.
So you can certainly also gain the knowledge to turn your imagination into reality.
Now all you need is execution.
I’m a man of my word, so let’s put that into the formula I promised you:
Imagination plus tools plus knowledge plus execution equals reality.
Now, what will YOU make a reality?