If you want to make money through copywriting—for clients or yourself—this might be the most important post you’ve ever read.

I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to copywriting, most marketing gurus, experts, authors and trusted business connections…
…lie to you.
They’ll tell you:
You should hand-copy successful sales letters.
Read this book 10 times.
And that one 13 times.
Keep a “swipe file”.
If you’ve been religiously following this advice, you might be slowing down your progress. Those things are helpful. I’ve done and do some of it myself.
But to accelerate your improvement in copywriting, you need to think bigger (no worries, this can even mean LESS effort).
Instead of studying resources on copywriting and marketing, start studying persuasion, psychology and behavioral economics.
Here’s how:
Figure out why people do things so you can let your copy do its job: Making people do things.
Figure out how other people (not just marketers and copywriters) make their audience do things so you can model it yourself.
This is something I learned from Colin Theriot and it’s improved my copywriting a great deal.
Of course, you need to test things for yourself. Not everything works every time for everybody
(the reason you’re reading this post is that I did exactly that 5 minutes ago… more on that in a few lines).
What unlocked deeper learning and understanding was reading about or noticing patterns and principles about human behavior and having my OWN brain translate them into the domain of copy and marketing.
Made it more memorable for me than a digestible “117 headline formulas” article.
Why did I link it?
I watched it 5 minutes ago and found the opening captivating.
So I took the opening, created an easy formula (Bold promise => create a “big lie” => dispel the myth) and wrote the opening of this post.
It kept you reading. Seems to work. Test successful.
P.S.: If you’ve been reading this post up to this point, I think you’re pretty cool. Thanks for spending the time with my thoughts.
As a cool person, I’m sure you’re up for a fun game.
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