Whether you’re reading this on my website, my Facebook page or a group, you’ve probably seen my posts before.
At least on my page and my website, I put something out every single day.
Some of my stuff gets almost nobody to care.
Other posts gather lots of comments and make people message me to pay me to help them.
Why do I tell you this?
If you’re reading this, you’re an ambitious person.
You want to get great at something, change lives (even if it’s just your own) and/or make money.
And you know what every accomplished person did: They showed up and did the work.
You don’t need yet another “Work hard to be successful” article—which is why this post is *not* one of those.
But doing the work every day and putting it out is powerful persuasion for 3 reasons:
1. Repetition persuades.
Repeating something often enough makes our brains perceive it as true/trueish and will make even skeptics reconsider your authority.
Repetition is not enough by itself—unless you have the budget to buy millions of people’s attention.
But it certainly helps. If you’ve ever heard “it takes 5-7 touch points for you to become relevant in your prospect’s mind”, repetition is part of why people say that.
2. You’re branding yourself favorably.
By showing up every day, you show you’re committed. You show you’re determined. You show you’re consistent.
I’d say those are pretty good attributes to attach yourself to.
Note that those have nothing to do with the quality of your work.
If you actually show up and do *good* work, imagine what else is possible.
3. Your prospect’s brain will fill in the blanks.
Let’s say you’ve been putting things out daily. Some get moderate engagement, others get no engagement, a few have been popular.
Somebody clicks through to all your pieces of content from a popular post. They probably won’t read/watch it all, but their brain will project the way your amazing post moved them into your other posts—and that’s how even your not-viral-amazingness posts can be helpful.