As my time in Budapest comes to a close, my pass to the coworking space ran out.
For the last couple of days, I decided to work from cafés.
so for the past few days, I’ve been going to different cafés, ranging from “Speciality Coffee Bars” to Arabic hookah bars (might need a lung donated).
Yesterday, I decided on one weird café.
It’s filled with old, used furniture and bland wood shelves filled with old books. The coffee is great, the machine is *old*.
It’s also a used book store.
I love the place for three reasons.
1. I love great coffee (their Ethiopian light roast espresso is great).
2. I love books.
3. I love places with a “soul”.
I’ll come here every day until I fly back.
And it’s not because the place is squeaky-clean.
Or has the most comfortable seating.
Or the most power outlets.
Or the fastest wifi.
In fact, I’ve even had better coffee in this city.
But I love its soul, the patina, the rough edges.
If you want people who come back for you, who become loyal fans and follow you, don’t be afraid to show your personality.
Don’t hide your rough edges.
Embrace them.
Profit off of them by helping people with the same personality as you and charging them for it.
You’ll be afraid before you click “Publish”.
It’s part of the game.
I’m afraid *every* day.
Don’t avoid the fear of being yourself in public.
Dance with it.
Accept it, say fuck it, publish and see what happens.
My daily blog has gotten me clients who pay me after just a few weeks. Where will it take me in a few years?
We’ll see.
Fuck the fear.
Create something today.